Keep Austin Agile 2018 is proud to announce the following sessions for the conference:

Agile Coaching

  • Brewing Great Agile Team Dynamics — No More Bitter Beer Face Communications by Allison Pollard and Barry Forrest
  • Confidence vs. Ego - The Role Empathy Plays in Organizational Transformation by Alicia McLain
  • Empowerment Body Language by Jim Brisson
  • Help! I Want to Be An Agile Coach! by Cherie Silas
  • Not Technical? Not a Problem! Introducing Engineering Practices Without Being Hands-On!! by Pradeepa Narayanaswamy

Agile Examples

  • Confessions of a Chief Product Owner by Jeff Brantley
  • Faster Food and a Better Place to Sleep: Applying Agile Outside Software by Mike Cottmeyer
  • Minimally Marketable Features Applied in a Cisco Lean Startup by Robert Frohman
  • Tips & Tricks For Implementing Enterprise Agile Cultural Transformation --- From Within!! by Maximilian Ekesi

Agile Leadership

  • Did You Pack the 12 Agile Principles on Your Agile Journey? by Elisabeth White
  • Growing Agile Managers by Braz Brandt
  • Modern Agile - Fear, Safety, and Awesome by Mark Spitzer
  • Next Level Agile by David Hawks
  • Risky Business: An Agile Approach to Risk by Walter Bodwell
  • So You Made Your Project Managers into Scrum Masters; Role Transitions when Becoming Agile by Brian O'Fallon
  • Transformational Leadership for Business Agility by Sanjiv Augustine
  • When Strategy Needs Agile: Understanding Agile Operating Models by Stacey Louie

Agile Products

  • Avoiding the Product Death Cycle by Leon Sabarsky
  • Backlog Confessions- Technical User Stories by Candase Hokanson
  • Don't Assume You're Creating Value - Prove It! by Mathias Eifert
  • Hands on: Creating Excellent User Stories by Betsy Stockdale
  • Output Over Outcome : Don't Be a Backlog Lumberjack by Kalpesh Shah

Agile Teams

  • 3-Minute Improv Games to Improve Your Teams by Wayde Stallmann
  • Agile = No Planning = Bull$h!t by Reese Schmit
  • Are We Done Yet? by Earl Everett
  • Here's Why We Are All Control Freaks (and What We Can Do About It) by Chris Murman
  • Modern Agile - We Want Outcomes!...Disrupting the Cult of Practices by Robert Payne
  • What Can Agilists Learn from Comic Book Hero Movies? by Will Fehringer
  • You're not here, have no fear - Agile for distributed teams by Paul Brownell

Agile Technical Practices

  • Certainty In A Risky World by Ben Rogers
  • DevOps Archeology by Lee Fox
  • DevOps: The Domain Model of Continuous Delivery by Jeffrey Palermo
  • Scaling Agile? Not without DevOps by Leland Newsom
  • Test-Driven Development - It's About Development, Not Testing by Daniel Lynn
  • What's Our Job When the Machine Does Testing? by Geoff Meyer